50th Anniversary

On a very warm July 12, 2004, well over 125 people came to observe the 50th Anniversary of the Valley Center Municipal Water District at the District's headquarters.

Visitors, including District customers, dignitaries and District employees, were able to view numerous displays of historical documents and photos dating back to the early days of the District's formation and development, as well as a video paralleling the development of the District and the Valley Center community. District staff and Board Members were on hand to answer questions about the displays and discuss a wide range of issues with the public in attendance.

Judy Mitchel, Mission Resource Conservation District, demonstrating watershed model In addition to the materials developed by District staff, visitors were able to view displays and talk with representatives from the Metropolitan Water District (MWD), San Diego County Water Authority, and the Mission Resource Conservation District. MWD provided information on the water supply and recreational benefits of the Diamond Valley Reservoir in Hemet, California, the Authority had a display promoting residential conservation through low water use plants, the Mission Resource Conservation District had information on agricultural and landscape water use efficiency as well as a display on watershed protection, and Master Gardeners were present to answer residents' questions on home gardening and landscaping.

We hope to see you on July 12, 2029, for the 75th Anniversary of the Valley Center Municipal Water District Ceremonies began at 2:00 pm. with an adjourned regular meeting of the Board of Directors, where the District received commemorative resolutions and proclamations from representatives of Senator Dennis Hollingsworth, Assemblyman Ray Haynes, Congressmen Darrell Issa and Supervisor Bill Horn. The Board then adopted its own resolution commemorating the first 50 years of existence for the Valley Center Municipal Water District.

Activities were concluded with a drawing for visitors, awarding the winners with an array of water conservation materials, devices, and low-water use plants to reinforce the District's ethic and commitment to water savings and the efficient use of our water resources.