Emergency Aqueduct Shutdown

Impending Emergency 2nd Aqueduct Shutdown

Valley Center Municipal Water District (District) has been advised by its wholesale supplier of an impending shutdown to the treated water aqueduct that delivers water to the western portion of the District.  The aqueduct will be shut down by the San Diego Count Water Authority to accommodate the final repairs to the September leak and to return the aqueduct’s pipeline to full operational service.  This shutdown is tentatively scheduled to begin on Sunday, November 3, 2019 and remain in effect for approximately 7 days.  These dates are tentative and may be adjusted. The District will notify you of any updates to this schedule.

As a result, water flows to the District’s VC 7 and VC 8 connections points will be off-line. This will severely limit flows into the western portion of the District and the water remaining in storage will be only for domestic use and fire protection during the shutdown.

The District is asking our customers, located within the yellow boundary area of the attached map, to refrain from all outdoor water use, including the watering of landscapes, lawns, agricultural use, use of construction water, washing of vehicles or no filling of fountains, pools, spas or ponds during this emergency shutdown period. Please remember to turn off all outside irrigation/lawn timers during the water use restriction time period.  Of course, livestock can continue to be watered.

We are encouraging you to make adjustments to your irrigation schedule to accommodate this impending emergency shutdown and to pre-water your groves and landscape prior to the November 3rd to November 9th restricted period.   

During this shutdown, please check the District website for more information and daily updates, go to our web site at www.valleycenterwater.org, or contact the District office at (760) 735-4500.

Our sincere apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.  Your cooperation is critical and, as always, appreciated.

Valley Center Municipal Water District

Attachment: Area Map