Wilkes Road Pipeline

Project Description

The project consists of the design and construction of approximately 1,750 linear feet of buried 8-inch diameter water distribution piping within Wilkes Road from Atchison Way to Old Castle Road. The proposed pipeline will connect an existing 8-inch diameter pipeline within Wilkes Road at Atchison Way to an existing 8-inch pipeline within Old Castle Road, thus creating a looped system. The new pipe will provide system redundancy and improve flows and pressures within the general area. Several existing remote meters on Old Castle Road that serve parcels along Wilkes Road will be relocated to in front of their respective properties. Appurtenant improvements including fire hydrants and air vacuum assemblies will be installed along the route, as required.

For questions or project status updates, please contact:

Valley Center Municipal Water District
Engineering Department
P.O. Box 67
Valley Center, CA 92082

Phone: (760) 735-4503

Project Information