Project Bid Opportunities

Project Bid Opportunities

Construction Contract Projects for the Valley Center Municipal Water District are advertised and awarded in accordance with provisions of the Public Contract Code. Projects are advertised in Newspapers of general circulation in the area of the project and also in various Construction Trade Journals and Newsletters. Contracts are awarded to the lowest responsible bidder as required by the Code. The following Construction Contracts are currently out for bid:


Project Name: Bar Wrapped Concrete Cylinder Pipe

Pre-Inspection Manways

          [Project No. 01-06-78-51510]

Bid Date: Tuesday, December 10, 2019 at 2:00 PM

Engineers Estimate:  $65,000

Addendums: There is 1 addendum for this project.

Information on obtaining Addendums, Plans, Specifications, and Contract Documents:

The project generally consists of the installation of six (6) manways on existing bar wrapped concrete steel cylinder pipes at various locations throughout the District as shown on exhibits located in Appendix A. The scope of work includes excavation (to pipe spring-line) of existing bar wrapped concrete cylinder pipes (sizes vary), chipping off a portion of external cement coating, removing a portion of bar wrapping at the manway opening, fabricating and installing a manway as shown on detail named Bar Wrapped Pipe 20” Manway, located in Appendix B. The scope of work for Locations 1 thru 5 is similar in nature as they require excavation of native material for the construction of the manways.

Location 6 requires excavation of an existing asphalt access road to Miller pump station, construction of the manway, and entry into an existing 39” pipe to repair internal mortar coating chipping. The internal pipe repair shall be limited to 15’ each way of the Manway and be in conformance with section 15061 of the Technical Specifications.

Installation of all manways and interior pipe lining repair shall be completed within thirty-five (35) calendar days from Notice to Proceed and prior to the pipe assessment dates scheduled from March 3rd, 2020 to March 15th, 2020. During this time frame, contractor will be on hold which will not require its crew to be present at the sites. After existing pipeline assessment is completed, contractor shall demobilize within five (5) calendar days. Demobilization shall include removal and disposal of trench plates and corrugated metal pipes, backfill and compaction of excavations with native material to the District’s satisfaction. 

The Pre-Bid Conference is no longer mandatory. Any Bidder who would like to visit the sites may do so at their request. The Bidder shall make necessary arrangements with the Project Manager 48 hours in advance. Bids will now be accepted from any bidder who did not attend the original Pre-Bid Conference.

Bidders may examine the Contract Documents at the office of the Valley Center Municipal Water District, 29300 Valley Center Road, Valley Center, California 92082 (Contact: Alberto Sandoval). Hard copy prints of Plans, Specifications, and Contract Documents can be ordered from Escondido Reprographics, Inc. 1130 Simpson Way, Escondido, CA 92029, Phone: (760) 745-8626.  Bidder is responsible for payment of all costs associated with acquiring plans and specifications from Escondido Reprographics, Inc.  Digital copies shall be made available only through Valley Center Municipal Water District offices.

Bidders must register as planholders with the District Office in order to receive any updates and should check back regularly for addenda. For further information, contact Alberto Sandoval by email at or 760-735-4577.

The Bidder is solely responsible for obtaining all project bid documents – no time extensions or other considerations will be given for non-receipt or acquisition of bidding documents. The District will also make the Contract Documents available for review at one or more plan rooms.