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Level Two Condition

Water Supply Shortage Response Level 2 Mandatory Water Use Restrictions are in effect. Get more information here about the new restrictions and enforcement provisions.

Save Our Water

A statewide public education program to educate Californians about the state's ongoing water supply challenges and promote conservation.

FREE! WaterSmart Checkups and Turf Replacement Incentives

A Water Smart Checkup is your free opportunity to receive site-specific water-saving recommendations under no obligation.

SoCal Water$mart

The SoCal Water$mart rebate programs continue to save water and save money. All of the products and rebates from the previous program are still available. Get information here!


Please Be On Alert - Valley Center Municipal Water District has received reports from other water agencies in San Diego County that a company is contacting residents claiming the water supply is contaminated and that they have been sent by the water agency to test the water at their homes.